Back lighting your subjects

Creating images with dimension.

What is it?

Traditionally kicker or rim light has been used by lighting designers in films and TV as a halo effect, causing the edges of the subject to glow, emphasising “good” or “pure” people. In the theatre it is used to create a three-dimensional look to the performers on stage. Like the theatrical application back light in photography, also known called hair or shoulder light, helps to provide separation between the subject and its background.

The result is soft, warm, and gives a dimensional quality which can’t be replicated no matter how many actions, filters, or textures you use in post production.

Back lighting subjects for your event photography.

Ultimately, what makes an event great, memorable and impactful is not only the event itself, but the encapsulation of that event in stunning and powerful event photographs.

This Engaging technique of back lighting shouldn’t be just confined to the studio or outside in the sunshine but by adding some of this rim light light to your event images from can turn a great photo into an extraordinary photo.

Obviously you may not always have natural light at your event or powerful stage lighting. But you’ll find that effect can be achieved quite simply with a few remote flashguns in the right places and depending on the vertical angle of the back light, the effect can be altered. You can move to a low angle to cause the light to hit the camera lens, creating a lens flare.

Great events are ones that continue to live on long after the actual event itself. Follow this link for more great event tips