Charles Tyrwhitt

Barker Shoes Factory Shoot

Clothing retail company Charles Tyrwhitt required Industrial photography at a number of factory locations from Leeds to Istanbul – from shoes to shirt design and manufacture. The first of the locations centred around the shoe manufacturing process at Barker Shoes in Earls Barton, Northampton.

“The style was completely natural following the process as it happened. Here I was using available light, no special lighting  just a fast 50mm lens and a Nikon D300s to capture speed as these people worked fast.”

The photography was used as a centre piece spread for their catalogue and as wall art for stores in the UK.

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Ravelli Factory Shoot

My fourth factory visit for Charles Tyrwhitt, this time at their shirt suppliers in Istanbul, the renowned Ravelli. The trip was my first to Turkey. I flew into Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International Airport which wasn’t ideal as it was on the Asian side of the city, across the Bosphorus. I had to catch a bus the 50km  or so to the other side and then a short boat trip at the other end. Fortunately I got to the hotel just before the bar shut!

The next day I got to the factory early, and with around 50 processes in the making of one complete shirt I had to make sure I knew what parts of the process I was shooting. We had a walk around and decided which parts were important to the client and which others were visually interesting.  No lights were set up for technical and safety reasons, but the ambient light was great, very bright and getting in close was key to the detail in the shots. Everyone looked very composed and professional in front of the camera, as if commercial photographers were a regular occurrence in these parts. After a successful day on location I couldn’t leave without an invite from the MD in to his private animal skin and trophy safari head collection. Wasn’t sure what to make of it, not something you see everyday!

The commercial photography for Charles Tyrwhitt was used as a centre piece spread for their catalogue and as wall art for stores in the UK.