Bruno Tonioli Shoot – Rivoli Ballroom

It doesn’t  get any more authentic than a photography shoot at the marvellous Rivoli Ballroom in Brockley, South East London. And in their own words “A wonderland of plush red velvet gold-framed walls” You can’t imagine Brono Tonioli or Brucy for that matter anywhere else. The FSCS were shooting a video with Strictly Judge Brono Tonioli with the aim to promote their services using the power of online advertising.

I was there for the all essential stills during the interview and subsequent shots of Bruno we are familiar with, such as the dancing, and sences you wouldn’t be so familiar with, like painting! If your a photographer who has dabbled with sports photography and have never really tried photographing dancing, its like the best of both areas – action and creative lighting.

All the stills used were for the promotion of the video online, advertising and various articles affiliated with finance.

See the image gallery from this shoot.