Business Headshots

Hiring a business headshot photographer for your Professional Headshot

Your internal IT guy may have recently upgraded your computer to Microsoft Office 2013. You may have been looking forward to this upgrade, or maybe its just not on your register – the switch can be a little challenging for some people and some of the features may just pass you by. Those up-grading to versions previous to Outlook 2010 you will now notice there is the ability to upload a business headshot to your profile. This allows you to view colleague headshots at the top of their e-mails to you.

This feature is great for 2 reasons:
– Security – to help ensure a person is who they say they are.
– The ability to identify new people (or those people around the office or other locations you feel stupid for having forgotten!) at meetings.

If your organisation has a picture database synchronized to an address list, all you need to do is supply them a mug shot! Or better still they may organise a professional portrait photographer to come to your office.

If your not in an organisation which automates all this for your convenience you’ll want to know how to update your professional profile headshot in Outlook 2013?

When you log into your Outlook account, you might notice there already is a photo attached to your emails. Great! Except its an old headshot, and you didn’t know how to change it. Thankfully it’s not so hard, here’s how…

  • Filter down to your Outlook contacts (labelled “People”).
  • From the menu select Business, which is at the top of the page.
  • Select your business card.
  • Select your business portrait to the right of your name and company information.
  • Select the new business portrait you would like to insert, and click OK.

That’s pretty much it and remember to try out your new headshot on Linked In!!