Conference Photography at Westminster

With a growing demand for documenting events with photography and videography, there will always be a new slant that compliments to building on this content.

Some 80% of people find visual aids helpful if not essential in understanding the content presented to them. Keynote speakers will find that bright, well designed slides help enormously and really add some drama to the images. Post event is always a time to reflect on how successful the event was and if the  keynote and presentations look dynamic this will show in the images and video content produced.

I’ve seen this before only a handful of times, but something interesting is happening alongside some events.

At the back someone is creating a graphic montage of the conversation that is happening on stage and between the delegates. This is real time, live graphic recording drawn by artists as the conversation grows.

So I’ve been taking photos at all these conferences over the years, trying to capture a linear story. With the exception of maybe capturing areas the graphic presentation alongside the speaker the content of conversation is impossible to relay in stills photography.

I was recently covering conference photography for the Commonwealth Parliamentarians’ Forum at Westminster. To the side was a graphic artist. As rare as these people still are at conferences I would still make sure there presence was covered as an essential part of the event.

Day 2 of the event I decided to examine in more detail the correlation between the conversation in the room and what the artist was producing. We found this to be an interesting way to construct the thread of conversation in photography.

You can see the gallery for this collection here