Covid-19 Response

last update 25th June 2020

Whilst the event market has been out of action, I have been planning and organising the safety measures I will be introducing to my work protocol so that I will be ready to work with you safely and effectively when events start operating once again.

Before I describe the safety measures I will be incorporating, I would like to announce that I am offering reduced rates.  So, to help the ease back to some kind of normality, with less financial strain, I am offering clients a rate reduction on all projects for the foreseeable future.  Costs will be based on the last invoice or quotation supplied. If you find your financial position has been severely affected by the lockdown, and you need to discuss your position on photography budget, I will be very happy to try and reach a mutually agreeable rate to enable our continued positive working partnership.

I am now planning to carry out free direct risk assessments of all photography assignments and event venues wherever possible, alongside the information you are able to provide in your brief.  This will enable me to look at space and positioning in much closer detail before working directly alongside your colleagues and clients.  We will be wearing appropriate PPE at times when required to do so, and all photography, video and lighting equipment will be kept at a distance from people and clearly marked.  Clothing will be freshly laundered, and we will adhere to the 1m plus social distancing rule. I will continue to stay abreast of the government guidance updates on a daily basis to ensure we are following best practice, and will amend my safety measures and risk assessments accordingly when the government guidance is updated.

I am still operating as usual for most corporate photography assignments subject to conditions.

I welcome any queries so that I can address any concerns you may have about the above.

Please contact

Many thanks, stay safe and I look forward to working with you soon!