Highlights 2015

2015 was a busy year, especially for event photography. The conference side of the business has expanded seeing Ed Telling Photography as first point of call for many event and conference organisers.
From the client side of things, event marketers benefit hugely from an increased volume of digital images online through social media. We have made sure all our images meet the required high standard to provide maximum impact. Some clients require mega data input for their images so we have now introduced this service and provide a basic level of event data input.
So what was discovered in 2015 that will bring a new experience to 2016? In short – a quieter, discreet, compact mirrorless cameras. I have trialled a few models in 2015 and decided to add the Sony Alpha full frame series to my collection of Nikon Cameras and Nikkor Lenses. Sony produce very high quality sensors that are used by many professional brands including Nikon. The Sony A7 is a fantastic addition and excels in environments where intimate conferences, meetings or seminars are taking place.