Huawei – The Dorchester

Business conference photography at The Dorchester in London. The event photography was for Huawei’s “Open Roads To A Better Connected World” Pre-MWC Analyst and Media Briefing 2015″

Analysts and Journalists from all over the world gather for the 4.5G technologies briefing in London ahead of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The brief included photographing a series of presentations, networking and business discussion forums in the main ballroom and business meeting rooms throughout The Dorchester. What made this event unique was a combination of things, for a start the client is the largest telecommunications company in the world and the location was possibly the most famous hotel in the world. The event was also a precursor to the Mobile World Congress.

The Dorchester has a great deal of space for large events and Huawei secured the ballroom for the conference and up to 6 business suites for Q&As with company executives and a penthouse suite where private meetings with the CEO were conducted. Photographing all these areas throughout the hotel capturing the conversation and upbeat dynamic image of the event was a challenge for just one photographer. I was also presented with the challenge of only receiving a brief just an hour before the start of the event, unusual but I was prepared for this. With event organisers and clients understandably pre-occupied with other aspects, the photography is often the last thing on their minds! It’s not unusual to receive a programme, site map and scribbled briefings just before the event kicks off. Sometimes a client will want to pick a few images to post or send to someone during the event and this is why laptops are always a life saving bit of kit at events.