Creative Industry Awards Photography For Creativepool

Industry Awards Photography at Protein Studios, Shoreditch –  The Creativepool 2017 Annual Launch Party is an exclusive gathering of talented individuals and creative agencies, a celebration of the creative industry in the UK. Not just another Annual Launch Party but also with awards too! Love photographing awards, always such a great atmosphere with ecstatic people.

I’d never been to Protein Studios in Shoreditch, London, but was pleasantly surprised at its compact well lit split room design. Photography started when guests arrived, greeted with a glass of prosecco, and canapes. My camera was happy enough and found everybody enjoying a relaxed atmosphere.

The coveted Gold Annual awards were presented on stage to the winners by a host of a familiar ensemble from the local Shoreditch creative scene. What I think made the presentation great at this event was the fact it was 1. A stylish annual 2. Everyone was very high spirited 3. There was a massive projection of each of the winners artwork as they came to collect.

The event covered 27 Annual categories and 9 Award categories, totalling around 100 winners!

As with all my awards photography images were swiftly edited and uploaded for client collection for the next morning PR campaign.