Holiday Inn Kensington

Interior photography focuses on capturing the design, layout, and ambiance of interior spaces such as offices, stores, and restaurants. It plays a significant role in creating a welcoming and professional atmosphere for clients and employees alike. By showcasing the interior of a company’s workspace, it can help convey the company’s values, style, and professionalism.

The Kensington Close Hotel went through a recent transformation, becoming a franchise of Holiday Inn. As part of the upgrade they needed some new corporate photography and interior photos showcasing the new look which included a bedrooms/en-suits, catering shots, branding and the new on-site Starbucks.

The connection between corporate photography and interior photography is evident in the way they work together to create a cohesive visual representation of a company. By capturing images of both the employees and the physical space they work in, companies can showcase their brand identity and culture in a comprehensive way. 

When done effectively, corporate and interior photography can help build trust and credibility with clients and stakeholders. It can also attract top talent by showcasing a company’s commitment to creating a positive and inspiring work environment. Overall, investing in high-quality corporate and interior photography is essential for companies looking to make a strong impression and stand out in today’s competitive business landscape.

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