LinkedIn Profile Portraits

The introduction of professional LinkedIn Portrait Photography for online profiles has made it easy for potential new customers or employers to find out more about you. Making the right first impression with your profile picture is extremely important, but getting the balance between professional and personable is not always an easy feat.

Today, many of my headshot photography work focuses on LinkedIn and other online profile platforms. I adopt a bespoke approach to each project, understanding exactly what you want your picture to say about you and your team, before capturing the perfect portrait for whichever platform you’re looking to publish it to.

The perfect headshots, edited and re-sized ready for your LinkedIn profile.

The importance of a professional Linked In Profile photo

LinkedIn has become the first point of contact for professional networking and recruiting opportunities for over the past 15 years,  To make the most of their LinkedIn profile, many professionals have recurred to a professional LinkedIn headshot photographer to communicate the right message to the right audience.

The different LinkedIn headshot styles

LinkedIn headshots can be taken in different ways. The most classic one is the studio headshot, where LinkedIn Portrait Photography is using dedicated lighting in a controlled environment. In the past few years different styles gained more and more space. For example, most of the contemporary portraits are set in the executives or professionals’ offices, providing a more natural and relaxed style compared to a classic corporate headshot.

LinkedIn has published information and advice on this subject which you can access here

Approach to LinkedIn & CV photography

My approach to LinkedIn and CV photography is very personal and tailored around your needs. I’ll spend time working with you in order to create the most natural, relaxed and professional first impression you can have from a professional headshot.

Beyond London

I mainly capture corporate headshots in London but travel further afield to wherever you require your business portraits to be shot. If you’re looking for a corporate or commercial photographer in Surrey, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Essex, Bedfordshire Sussex, Kent or any major UK cities like Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester, please get in touch.

Get in touch about your next professional or corporate headshot project

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