Realtime Images At Your Event


Professionally edited images delivered as your event happens needn’t come at huge expense. 


So whats the hurry to get images out so fast?


Show people clearly whats happening whilst its happening. That keynote speaker needs to be on your twitter, Facebook or Instagram account well before they have finished their talk.


I could just use my smartphone for all the instant images?


We’ve seen this before many times at events – the PR team are using their phones. Ok so you’ve hired us to take loads of fantastic images for your marketing and sales collateral, so why are you sending someone around the event with a smartphone? Ok I get it, its fast and yes its more interesting than sitting in front of the laptop tweeting.

If there is one thing that truly doesn’t stand out on social media and that is the smartphone photo. Yes they’re pretty good these days but hmm they can’t surely take great photos at conference. Its usually way too dark, no zoom to get the detail and absolutely no scope for creativity!  All PR and marketing material demands crisp, clear well executed images that make a great story.


The marketing campaign happens a few weeks after the event, no rush.


Thats cool, I guess it depends on your criteria. For large events covering a wide spectrum of areas and a potentially larger audience, then within the first few minutes of an event taking place is when the marketing and PR machine kicks in. This is crucially when your biggest audience is happening, whether they are attending the event or on the outside. They might be missing out on something interesting.



At the FULL STACK, DROIDCON, SCALA EXCHANGE conferences, at The Business Design Centre in London, organised by Skillsmatter, we used our quick return service to provide the client with the best photos from the event. As a result, Skillsmatter was able to do showcase images through their rapid Social Media amplification campaign, promoting and strengthening their brand.

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