Flight Safety Symposium

Professional Corporate Photographer at The Radisson Blu Edwardian.
13th – 14th September 2016

The Radisson is a top-notch venue for event photography and conference photography, boasting two stunning spaces with glass roofs that provide ample natural light for capturing memorable moments. As a photographer, I understand the importance of utilizing natural light to enhance the quality of event photos. While I did use an off-camera flash in some areas, the majority of the shots were taken using the beautiful natural light streaming in through the glass roofs.

The conference was spread out across three conference rooms, creating an engaging day filled with informative sessions on aviation safety. In addition to capturing dynamic shots of the speakers in action, I made sure to focus on capturing the essence of the event through networking shots. These shots included candid moments of attendees enjoying themselves, greeting each other, and exchanging business cards, showcasing the vibrant atmosphere of the conference.

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