Vinyl Impression – Corporate Photography

Ed is a wonderful guy to work with, professional, chirpy and most importantly – He gets great results. We have positive feedback on all the photo’s he has taken for us of the Office Branding and Events photos he has taken for us at Vinyl Impression.

We would highly recommend his services.

Ed Currer – Founder & Creative Director , Vinyl Impression


I’ve always maintained a no fuss approach to supplying clients with professional, creative industrial photography suitable for all their business marketing needs. So when Vinyl Impression, a leading specialist of the design and installation of surface graphics asked me to work with them on supplying their marketing shots, there was an immediate sense of how the creativity could evolve here, a challenge of showcasing how their designs complimented the many different environments they work with. Now here’s the thing about photographing good looking clean graphics in modern interiors (or indeed not so modern) – you need to not just reproduce the artwork using your camera but form some kind of tangible, dimensional quality – a dynamic perspective and a sense of fluidity showing interactivity within the environment it is contained.

Each interior could be very different – an open plan office, a bar area, a meeting room, narrow corridors, exhibition and conference rooms – fitting on to all manner of materials from concrete to glass. Some businesses will take advantage of their generous space, entertaining clients and staff alike with the addition of all kinds of table sports and gaming, when infused with colossal wall art backdrops, a drab soulless environment becomes an instant hit. So when it comes to photographing these modern dynamic office environments with a new graphic perspective containing colour, movement and fluidity we feel like its only right to get the people in there –  movement in shot only adds yet another dimensional quality. You can see here the vast array of designs in all kinds of environments in the case studies outlining more of the collections Vynal Impression produces here for interiors throughout the UK.