All ’bout the image

London Roller Girls Portraits

Roller Derby, for those who haven’t a clue, is a contact sport played out in the spirit of rock ‘n roll. Although played with two teams of five where each team designates a ‘jammer’ to score points by lapping the opposing team. A better explanation can be found here London Roller Girls

So, I’d been to a few bouts, took a few photos of the ladies in all their spectacular roller derby glory… Now I needed something with a bit more glam, a feel of that pro-sport spirit which I think was missing from the game.

Some of the ladies kindly from London Roller Girls kindly agreed to meet up in a North London studio for a shoot. I set up my trusty Bowens lamps and got busy with my Nikon D800 trying to capture the kind of portrait images not obtainable from a match, something more staged and individual to the team member but at the same time taking familiar to the bouts!

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