London’s Calling and The Fallout of COVID-19

It seems Ironic that the last conference I worked at was called “London’s Calling”. But we’ve moved on a somewhat since March but only slightly sideways it seems. It’s a common thread for 2020, you might see this when searching for events or venues “Event information may be out of date due to the coronavirus (COVID-19)”. Event Photography is my business model as it is for many photographers and has been for quite a few years now. I thought the business was untouchable, what could possibly get in the way? And it wasn’t some new fangled tech called Zoom, although it subsequently took off due to the pandemic. Zoom has its place if you want to connect with conferences these past 6 months, its totally revolutionised communication. However it doesn’t replicate the atmosphere and the networking opportunities. Just don’t hook up to umpteen different people and try figure out who’s turn it is to talk.

It’s taken me months to come to terms with the fall-out. Back in April there was hope for a re-boot in September at the latest and then in July there was talk of some events being allowed to return in October. I believe some events will press ahead but I feel this would largely be at the discretion of the  venue and there needs to be some confidence or willingness to return to seated events. For most sponsorship is a key driver for a lot of events and no sane company is willing to hedge their bets on whether an event is Covid proof or not . Safety people! And its a massive risk assessment job that involves all parties. As for mass participation events I think The London Marathon has taken the lead on this suggesting the next event taking place no earlier than in October 2021. Unfortunately it looks like the Tokyo Olympics will be pushed back further, if not cancelled completely, possibly into the Autumn of 2021. Its bleak but there is hope for next year.

So for the time being – in my much smaller universe – I’m tinkering with my marketing, organising my image banks and looking at new (and old) ways to boost my income and sanity! Some work comes up now and again and am grateful. For the venue enthusiast (and I have reason to believe there are a few out there) I have compiled some of the best venue shots over the past couple of years just,  as an appreciation for these fantastic places that we have all missed this year and possibly into some of 2021 when I hope they’ll flourish again!

Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre • The O2 • Odeon Venues • Etc Venues • Southbank Ballroom, The Grosvenor House Ballroom • Sheraton Grand • Hilton Park Lane • Code Node •. 8 Northumberland Avenue  • Here East • The Mermaid Theatre • Altitude London • The Business Design Centre • The Brewery and Many Many More….