Vinyl Impressions – Wrapping up events with Quickbooks

Venue: Altitude, Millbank, London

I was recently photographing a Quickbooks seminar event at Altitude, Millbank (great views of London). I’ve photographed events at this venue many times before and interestingly the graphics on display really stood out. The usual graphics you would typically find at most events featured as usual – stage graphics, pop-up banners and wall stickers.

Although each of these areas had a very different look and feel and the production company Vinyl Impressions had a fantastic array of designs showcasing what they could produce for such a large commercial event, whilst ensuring the branding was unified. They decked 3 levels, which were split into the conference area on the ground floor, the workshops and seminars on the top 2 floors.

Vinyl Impressions worked closely with the creative agency involved to complete all of the design work whilst working in close collaboration with their own in house team to ensure that the final product would meet the specification requested. As experienced creative event graphics designers they were able to advise and offer creative solutions, such as the cut foamex blimp and clouds to create a design feature that the Quickbooks team had envisioned.

Following the event their installers returned to site to de-rig the venue and repackage the applicable reusable graphics for Quickbooks to transport to Birmingham for their next event.

I’m looking forward to working with these guys again –  knowing more about Vinyl Impressions