Corporate Event Photographer

Why Your Corporate Event Absolutely Needs A Specialist Corporate Event Photographer

Ultimately, what makes an event great, memorable and impactful is not only the event itself, but the encapsulation of that event in stunning and powerful photographs.

Step 1 of any successful function is of course to make sure it’s organised correctly, but step 2 is to hire a corporate event photographer to capture it – and capture it properly.

You’d be surprised at how often this second and essential element is actually overlooked!

Just imagine going to a wedding where the bride and groom had neglected to hire a wedding photographer – you’d find that a tad odd wouldn’t you?

You’d no doubt be wondering how that experience could be shared with those who didn’t attend. Or perhaps you might be thinking how the happy couple are going to be able to reminisce and enjoy the memories of such an important day some time in the future?

Well, despite this being a component you couldn’t possibly imagine being overlooked, this is exactly what we find many companies failing to do with their events – so it’s important to make sure you don’t make the same mistake.

Now, before you decide on hiring a specific photographer, there are a few things you really need to look at and investigate – you can find an outline of those pointers here, but once you’re done, the benefits you’ll gain from making that critical decision are many.

For example, with a Professional Corporate Event Photographer you’ll have;

  • The emotion and energy of your event immortalised in brilliant and stunning imagery
  • Shots you can use within your blog posts in order to promote and generate greater interest in your events/brand
  • The ability to increase website and brand discoverability by leveraging images on sites like Pinterest and Flickr
  • Opportunities to re-purpose your most powerful shots on Facebook and Twitter in order to reach out and engage with more of your target audience
  • Powerful collateral showcasing your sponsorship partners
  • Ready-made future advertising and marketing collateral – e.g. images for posters, promotional postcards, etc.

Great events are ones that continue to live on long after the actual event itself.

So to discover how to immortalise your events with a Corporate Event Photographer, plus take advantage of these powerful benefits, just drop me a line on 07932 636624 and we can chat through your plans and see if we might be able to work together.