Conference photography at Zurich’s Samsung Hall

How does conference photography work within a hybrid event? It’s actually a little like working in a TV studio. There is an audience but with the addition of a floor manager and HDTV cameras, some on a jib. A slick hybrid event doesn’t just connect you to a broader audience,  it will also help to build your brand online. The ultimate hybrid event – quality speakers both on stage and projected from afar, combined with the best in AV and live video production (you will need a really competent stage manager) and velour sofas at least 3 rows deep. This was the blue print for the latest CoinGeek Conference – a live streamed data driven event from Switzerland’s financial centre Zurich and I was glad to be a part of it. 

There were many challenges getting into Switzerland post Brexit during a pandemic, with all the barriers of visas and covid testing, etc, which in comparison made the actual art of Conference Photography quite a simple task. 

People were so pleased to be working at a live event again, and this was the first event in Samsung Hall in 15 months and it blow everyone away. The stage was flanked either side by a sculpture of cubes which had motion graphics projected onto them, not to distract too much from the 50 foot stage screen. The production team were bold to include huge projections of remote speakers alongside panellists featured on stage. I had doubts initially about how to photograph the content but the juxtaposition of this now style of production felt quite interesting to shoot and progressive from an audiences perspective.

Here is a great article from B2B marketing exploring the hybrid 

You can view the highlights of the event here