End of Year Edit – The 2021 Photography Highlights

2021 was a great year working as a corporate photographer again after 18 months out of the game. The pandemic taught us not to be complacent and take our precious work for granted.

What an exciting and diverse year it has been in the world of photography! Our work has been filled with a variety of clients and projects, from headshots to events and business photography. Each day brings something new and keeps our work thrilling and rewarding.

This year, our focus was mainly on corporate headshots, catering to freelancers and large corporations alike. We offered a range of styles, from clipped images for easy branding integration to on-location and studio shoots.

In addition to headshots, we had the pleasure of capturing a multitude of events, including an international event in Zurich, awards ceremonies, sports events, and corporate conferences. It was a joy to see events back in full swing!

We also delved into marketing campaigns, providing images for press releases, in-store promotions, and business stock photography for clients, one of which included a local dental practice. We collaborated with businesses of all sizes, as well as individuals seeking personal branding support.

Adding to the mix, we enjoyed shooting a branded taxi in London for one of our overseas clients.

With a total of 76 bookings, 2021 was a fantastic year for us, not bad for what was technically a pandemic year. We are grateful to our clients for entrusting us with their projects and look forward to another successful year ahead in 2022!