Personnel Today Awards, 2016

Awards Photography in London – Back again as event photographer at the Grosvenor House Hotel for another prestigious gala awards dinner, the Personnel Today Awards 2016. There are over nine hundred HR professionals attended the ceremony in the glamorous Great Room. Hosted by Gaby Roslin and joined star of BBC series Asian Provocateur, comedian Romesh Ranganathan.

As the event photographer, it was crucial to capture the key moments of the evening, from the arrival of the guests to the presentation of the awards. Each photograph had to showcase the excitement and elegance of the event, highlighting the winners and the overall atmosphere of the ceremony.

The Grosvenor House Hotel provided a stunning backdrop for the Personnel Today Awards 2016, with its luxurious Great Room setting the stage for the evening. The grandeur of the venue added an extra touch of sophistication to the event, making it a memorable occasion for all attendees.

Throughout the evening, I made sure to capture candid shots of the guests mingling, networking, and enjoying themselves. These candid moments help to tell the story of the event and provide a more personal touch to the photographs. Additionally, I took posed shots of the award winners, ensuring that they were captured in their moment of triumph.

Working quickly and efficiently, I edited the photos on-site to ensure that the winners’ images were ready to be shared on social media and the company website by the end of the evening. The remaining images were edited and delivered by 9 am the following morning, allowing the event organizers to have a comprehensive collection of photographs to document the evening.

Overall, being the event photographer at the Personnel Today Awards 2016 was a rewarding experience. Capturing the energy and excitement of the evening and delivering high-quality professional images was a challenging but fulfilling task. I look forward to future opportunities to photograph events and continue to create lasting memories for clients and attendees alike.

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